Jessica Riccio

Dr. Riccio is the coordinator of Secondary Science Teacher Education Program at a NY University. In that role, she prepares preservice teachers for biology, chemistry, earth science, and physics state certification in grades 7 through 12. Prior to her work at the university, she was a New York City High school science teacher in the Department of Education, and an Urban Science Education Doctoral Fellow in the Department of Mathematics, Science, and Technology at Teachers College. As one of the founding members of the interdisciplinary Content Area Literacy effort there, Dr. Riccio completed her doctoral thesis on the topic in 2008, and continues to research preservice and inservice teachers' use of content area literacy practices. In her current work with urban schools, and as a Science Curriculum and Professional Development Consultant, she provides professional development and support to both new and experienced teachers on the importance of using literacy and inquiry as a pedagogical tool in the science classroom. Dr. Riccio has Permanent New York State Certification to teach Biology and General Science in Grades 7-12.


  1. STEM teacher content and pedagogical understanding of current standards, ie NGSS and Common Core

  2. STEM student achievement through the acquisition of content area literacy strategies

  3. How to develop a community of engagement surrounding initiatives in STEM content

  4. How to provide STEM professional development while meeting new policy demands at the school, district and State level.

  5. Creating a place for science in the elementary school via non-fiction text.

  6. Creating Student Scientists- modeling how teachers can design investigations to make all learners part of the STEM community.

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