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It's So Much Work to Be Your Friend: Teaching Friendship Skills to Children
Richard D. Lavoie, M.A., M. Ed.

Craft Lessons to Improve Students Writing
Ralph Fletcher

Strategies for Improving Reading Comprehension 
Debbie Miller

Cris Tovani

Rethinking the Reading/Writing Connection
Shelley Harwayne

 Teaching Persuasive Writing, Essay Writing, and other Non-fiction Genre
Isoke Nia

Responding to Literature: Getting Beyond "I Liked the Book"
Joanne Hindley

Teaching Comprehension Strategies
Susan Zimmerman

Teaching Comprehension Stategies
Ellin Oliver Keene

Successful Strategies for Reading and Writing Nonfiction
Tony Stead

Engaging Students in Hands-On Math Strategies
Kay Toliver

Reaching and Teaching Students with ADD/ADHD
Sandra Rief

Teaching Comprehension Strategies
-An Advanced Level Workshop

Chryse Hutchins

Helping Our Youngest Authors Write with Purpose, Passion, and Power
Shelley Harwayne

Lifting the Quality of Students Writing
Judy Davis

Making More of Our Stories - Teaching Students to Interpret Text
Donna Santman

Teaching Comprehension Using Nonfiction Books
Linda Hoyt

Teaching Student Writers to Write Personal, Persuasive, and Literary Essays With Control of Structure and Craft
Mary Ehrenworth

Explosive/Non-Compliant Children and Adolescents: Implementing Collaborative Problem-Solving Students in Hands-On Math Strategies
J. Stuart Ablon

Teaching Reading Comprehension
Tony Stead

Developing Habits of Mind With Our Youngest Writers
Katie Wood Ray

The Art of Teaching Grammar
Mary Ehrenworth

Every Mind Can be Aligned: A Positive Approach to Understanding and Management of Differences in Learning
Dr. Mel Levine

Interpretation, Close Reading, Writing About Reading, and Literary Conversation
Mary Ehrenworth

Teaching Comprehension Strategies
-An all-new Workshop

Debbie Miller

Increasing Comprehension, Engagement, And Talk When Thinking Deeply About the Characters in the Books We Read
Virginia Lockwood

Differentiating Reading Instructions: Reaching Every Reader With Strategies That Build High Level Thinking
Laura Robb

Using Picture Books To Mentor Young Writers: A Study of Craft
Lester Laminack

Teaching Revision Techniques
Georgia Heard

Explosive/Non-Compliant Children and Adolescents: Implementing Collaborative Problem-Solving
Stuart Ablon

Effective Writing Conferences
Carl Anderson

Engaging Grammar: Teaching Grammar Using Visuals, Manipulatives, and Patterns
Amy Benjamin

Deepening the Craft of the Personal Narrative and Small Moment Story
Katherine Bomer

Deepening and Growing the Personal Narrative With Memoir Writing
Katherine Bomer

Reading Clubs In K-3 Classrooms: Teach Children To Read With Power, Think With Depth, And Talk With Passion About Books
Kathy Collins

Defensible Differentiation: What Would it Take to Get it Right
Carol Ann Tomilson

Writing With Voice
Katie Wood Ray

REALLY Teaching Students How To Write Persuasively
Karen Caine

Differentiating Instruction With Math Centers: Powerful Possibilities For Engaged Standards-Based Practice
Nicki Newton

Understanding By Design: Tools and Templates for Curriculum Design
Jay Mctighe

Vocabulary at the Center
Amy Benjamin

Creating Successful Writers With Mentor Texts
Rose Cappelli
Lynne Dorfman

Conferring With Readers
Gravity Goldberg

Crafting Writers: Writing Instruction That Engages All Learners
Elizabeth Hale

Building Deeper Reading Comprehension: Teach Visualizing And Inferring Through Character Study And Nonfiction
Monique Lopez-Paniagua

Inclusion And Collaborative Teaching
Sabrina Romano

Strategies for Struggling Math Students
Gayle Palka

Curriculum Mapping: Improving Student Performance
Heidi Hayes Jacobs

Muti-Reading & Sensory Writing Course
Mrs. Rivky Katz

Multi-sensory Reading and Writing Teacher Training Course
Mrs. Rivky Katz

Improving the Quality of Writing with our Primary Students by using Mentor Text
Colleen Doogan

Co-Teaching & Differentiation (Advanced Level Workshop)
Sabrina Romano

Multi-sensory Reading and Writing Training Course - Brooklyn
Mrs. Rivky Katz

Multi-sensory Reading and Writing Training Course - Monsey
Mrs. Rivky Katz

Adapting Readers/Writers Workshop for Students with Special Needs
Meredith Alvaro

What REALLY Matters on the NJASK: Bumping up Test Scores and Meeting AYP
Meredith Alvaro

Literacy Skills for the Common Core State Standards: Moving Up the Staircase of Text Complexity
Amy Benjamin

Adapting Readers/Writers Workshop for Students with Special Needs
Meredith Alvaro

Unpacking and Understanding the New Math Common Core Standards
Dr. Nicki Newton

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