Shelley Harwayne
Shelley Harwayne has been affiliated with the New York City public schools for over thirty years as a teacher, staff developer, co-director of the Teachers College Writing Project, founding principal of the Manhattan New School and currently as superintendent of Community School District # 2. She has worked as a consultant and keynote speaker throughout the United States and Canada, as well as in Ecuador, Mexico, Sweden, Norway, Australia, and in such diverse settings as Soweto, South Africa and Manila, the Philippines.

Shelley's publications include Lasting Impressions: Weaving Literature into the Writing Workshop, (Heinemann, 1992), Going Public: Priorities and Practice at the Manhattan New School, (Heinemann, August 1999), Lifetime Guarantees: Toward Ambitious Literacy Teaching (Heinemann, March 2000), Writing Through Childhood: Rethinking Process and Product, (Heinemann, October 2001) and her most recent publication, Messages to Ground Zero: Children Respond to September 11, 2001, (Heinemann, August 2002).

She also collaborated on Living Between the Lines, (Heinemann 1990) and the production of a video and accompanying staff development guidebook called The Writing workshop: Aworld of Difference, (Heinemann, 1987).

Shelley has also published two children's books, Jewels, a poetry anthology and a picture book, What's Cooking ?, (Mondo, 1996).

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