Cynthia Northington-Purdie
Cynthia Northington-Purdie is a psychologist and professor at an NJ University. Dr Northington-Purdie has taught a variety of courses including educational psychology, applied child psychology, the psychology of classroom management and the philosophical and psychological foundations of education. Before joining the university faculty, she enjoyed a long career as a teacher of both regular and special education in New Jersey’s public schools.

Dr. Northington-Purdie conducts staff development workshops and symposia for various school districts on a variety of topics including: behavior management, contemporary classroom management options, parental involvement, organizational strategies for inclusion and mainstreaming. She routinely assists schools in constructing school-wide classroom management priorities. She is interviewed frequently on television, radio and for print media on a variety of current issues in psychological development.

Dr. Northington-Purdie presents her research at national and international academic venues. Most recently, she discussed critical issues in classroom management at the International Conference of the Humanities at the University of Cambridge in Cambridge, England. She has presented and her research on the psychology of classroom management at the University of London, United Kingdom. She has presented and published her insights on the evolving priorities of middle and secondary education at the University of Beijing, in the People’s Republic of China.

Keynote Description:

Education, the final frontier. This is your voyage in the 2007-2008 school term. Your 180 day mission: to explore strange new students, to seek out new techniques and technologies, to boldly go where no educator has gone before!

This year, an educator will meet new people, learn new skills, solve new problems, and find new ways to navigate the information highway. There is a lot to look forward to and many reasons for educators in all fields to seize the day. In the opening session, Dr. C. Northington-Purdie will present these and other factors that influence an educator's motivation including: interesting facts about the millennial child, ways to bypass everyday challenges and give educators the tickets to motivation for the school year.


Classroom Management: Elementary
The purpose of this workshop is to provide creative, non-punitive classroom and behavior management ideas for teachers and/or para-educators. The strategies discussed will help all educators address a variety of challenging behaviors including defiance, tantrums and lack of motivation. More importantly, teachers will come away with an idea of the priorities with which to organize a classroom management system at the start of the year, thus preventing potential behaviors from occurring at all. This workshop will feature discussion, troubleshooting, a media presentation and group activities.

Classroom Management : Secondary
The purpose of this workshop is to provide realistic, practical strategies for classroom and behavior management in the secondary environment. Effective ways of communicating with the millennial teenager will be discussed. Strategies for keeping teenagers engaged and interested for the duration of the class period will be proposed. Non punitive alternatives to traditional discipline and reinforcement will be emphasized. This workshop will feature discussion, troubleshooting, a media presentation and group activities.

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