Helena Miller - Inclusion/Collaborative Teaching
Currently in her 11th year of teaching, Helena Miller has taught high school humanities in Indiana, Hawai'i and New York City. She came to New York City in 2003 to design and be the lead-teacher for the high school after school program in the NYC Department of Education. She has taught 11th & 12th grade English as well as 9th grade humanities. Her classes follow an inclusion model and utilize block scheduling.

Helena's work has consistently been grounded in the philosophy of the Coalition of Essential Schools and she has been involved in the National School Reform Faculty (NSRF) since its inception. She is a Critical Friends Group coach and was recently endorsed by NSRF at NYU.

Helena's workshops emphasize practical tools backed by research and practice. She aims for participants to be able to use workshop time to build tools for their classroom and leave the day with resources, skills and plans that can be implemented in the classroom immediately.

Inclusion/Collaborative Teaching
Facilitator: Helena Miller

The inclusion model states that all students, regardless of ability or need, deserve to participate equally in a school community. As a teacher who has worked in inclusion classrooms for over 10 years, I would add that when all students, regardless of ability or need, participate in a school community together everyone’s education is richer. This workshop will show how, through differentiation, collaborative teaching and other techniques, making accommodations for students with special needs creates different avenues for success for all students. Working from the assumption that all classrooms, even tracked classes, are still heterogeneous, we will explore different inclusion and collaborative teaching techniques for all disciplines. Participants will have time to plan for current classroom needs, and all will leave with resources to help with inclusion in terms of planning, pedagogy, and assessment.

The facilitator of this workshop has worked collaboratively with SETSS teachers and taught in inclusion schools for over 10 years.

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