Sally Brunner - Math
Sally Brunner is an experienced educator with over 30 years in the special education and regular education classroom. Her excellent reputation as a teacher has earned her a district Teacher of the Year, and Walmart Teacher of the Year award.

Currently, Sally is a math instructional coach for kindergarten through fifth grade, serving 50 classroom teachers. Her varied background and training in educational math trends, and working aggressively with math standards and curriculum, has allowed her to become an expert in differentiated math ideas and strategies.

Her extensive staff development in math allows her to deliver practical and differentiated math strategies to teachers for their use immediately upon returning to the classroom.

Sally’s upbeat personality, along with her sincere understanding of teachers who deal with at risk, regular, and gifted students will have participants obtaining a myriad of ways to teach math to their students.


This workshop will provide teachers with an understanding of the elements of differentiated math instruction, and how to incorporate a variety of strategies to meet the needs of all learners. Different learning styles will be discussed, and hands on activities will be shared for immediate use in the classroom. Many free internet resources will also be shared which can easily be customized to the individual needs of students. Excellent tips will be shared to insure that every learner experiences success.