Shana Covel - Math
Shana Covel is currently working in New York City as an instructional specialist in over 50 K-8 schools across the city. She has been designing and facilitating professional development for groups of teachers, administrators, and fellow specialists at the district and school level for over 8 years. Her workshops have including topics such as: standards-based instruction, looking at student work/formative assessment, fostering algebraic thinking, facilitation of problem based learning, rich questioning and conversations in math class, and more. An additional area of expertise is integrating technology into math instruction, including using Geometer's Sketchpad, Smartboard technology, and internet resources. Prior to her work as an instructional specialist, she served as a lead mathematics coach and has taught grades in both elementary and middle school.


Formative Assessment in Math:
By utilizing formative assessment, educators can help all students reach their objectives. As a result of this workshop, participants will be able to design a variety of formative assessments to monitor and adjust student learning. They will learn tools to help facilitate examination of student work, analyze student responses, and design next instructional steps based on the evidence of student learning. Participants will also examine attributes of effective feedback in order to help students reach the instructional goals.

Differentiated Instruction in Math
In order to meet the diverse learning needs of students, teachers need to design instruction that accommodates the different ways students learn. At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to clarify instructional objectives, conduct a task analysis, and design instructional supports in order to help all students reach the target objective. They will examine effective grouping, use rich mathematics problems that allow for multiple entry points, and use Blooms' Taxonomy to created differentiated questions. Participants will incorporate learning styles and student interests in lesson designs in order to engage and motivate students. They will also learn to use technology to differentiate instruction.

True problem solving strategies become most apparent when teachers utilize open ended questions and allow for multiple solution strategies. The task of the teacher, then, is to facilitate the learning- creating accessibility for all students while pushing them to consider a new strategy or deeper level of understanding. In this workshop, teachers will explore complex mathematical tasks, multiple strategies to problem solving (including the use of manipulatives), and learn how to design lesson closure that allows students to connect multiple strategies. This lesson structure naturally fosters rich mathematical conversations and differentiation.

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